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  DEFENDHER is a Women Human Rights Campaign presented presented by Global Fund for Women, JASS (Just Associates), and MADRE. I was commissioned by them to illustrate 14 incredible women human rights defenders and groups around the world who are working to end violence against women; advance LGBTQI rights; protect the planet and the rights of indigenous communities; and more. The risks they face come in many forms, including harassment, smear campaigns, and physical violence – not only to them, but often their families too. Yet they refuse to stop their struggle because they believe that our human rights must be protected and respected.

The following women and groups are featured in the DefendHer campaign:
1. ALIA ALMIRCHAOU, Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, Iraq
2. LEDUVINA GUILLl, Wangki Tangni, Nicaragua
3. MARTA ALANIS, Campaña Nacional por el Derecho al Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito, Argentina
4. KHADRAH ALSANA, Sidreh, Israel
5. BAI BIBYAON, Sabokahan, The Philippines
6. AZRA CAUSEVIC, LGBTIQA Association Okvir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
7. MELANIA CHIPONDA, Chiadzwa Community Development Trust; WoMin AfricanGender and Extractives Alliance, Zimbabwe
8. MAGDALENA KAFIAR, Papuan Women Solidarity for Human Defender, Indonesia
9. MIRIAM MIRANDA, Organización Fraternal Negra Hondureña (OFRANEH), Honduras
10. IRINA MASLOVA, Silver Rose, Russia
12. TIN TIN NYO, Burmese Women’s Union, Burma
13. ANA SANDOVAL, Peaceful Resistance La Puya, Guatemala
14. Group, FUNDEM and Marcha de las Madres, Mexico

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Interview by Global Fund for Women about the creation of the portraits for DEFENDHER campaign