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  WOMEN WORKING FOR WOMEN / Made in Latin America

November 2014 to January 2015

Made in Latin America was created for the advertising spaces of the Collective Transport System of Mexico City - Metro and the Passenger Transport Network in collaboration with Government of the Mexican Federal District, Women's Institute of Mexico City and Antimuseo.

The series consists on digital portraits of Latin American women that have been created their own space in traditionally male-dominated career fields.

Made in Latin America was made possible by the collaboration of the protagonists of the portraits who provide their phrases and pictures I based to make the drawings.

Hecha en Latinoamérica fue creado para los espacios publicitarios del Sistema de Transporte Colectivo de la Ciudad de México - Metro y la Red de Transporte de Pasajeros del D.F. en colaboración con el Gobierno del Distrito Federal, el Instituto de las Mujeres del D.F. y Antimuseo.

La serie consiste en retratos digitales de mujeres latinoamericanas que han conseguido crear su propio espacio en campos profesionales tradicionalmente dominados por hombres.

Hecha en Latinoamérica fue posible gracias a la colaboración de las protagonistas de los retratos que proporcionaron sus frases y fotografías de las cuales partí para la realización de los dibujos.

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"Be a woman is to be a warrior
and overcome the limits
and stereotypes that society
imposes on us"

ALI STONE. Colombian DJ and record producer. One of the youngest movie music composers in the World.

"It's nice to see that more and more
women are encouraged
to be onstage and not down"

CINTHYA BLACKCAT. Mexican guitarist and composer. Member of the band Mystica Girls.

"My passion and determination
have been the spirit of my success.
No matter how hard it is to reach the goal,
what is important is to reach"

MILKA DUNO. Professional race car driver from Venezuela. The first Latin American
to win races at the highest level of competence.

"I like to think and create as someone
who does belong no genre more that human"

ITZEL NAJERA "NEWS". Mexican Graffiti artist and illustrator.

To believe... to beat...
to have ... to be able to...
Woman, don’t limit yourself
to what they tell you to be!

MARE ADVERTENCIA LIRIKA. Rapper from Oaxaca (Mexico). Founder of the band
Advertencia Lirika.

"Women can do whatever we want"

POWER PAOLA. Cartoonist from Ecuador. Citizen of the world.

"Dreams built every day"

JACKIE NAVA. Mexican boxer. Super Bantamweight. The first female champion
of the World Boxing Council.

"We are creators of life, creative by nature,
a creative woman has the power
to connect with the deepest
and most sensitive part of ourselves"

NIÑA DIOZ. Female Hip Hop artist from Monterrey, Mexico.

Twitter/Instagram @ninadioz
Facebook: The Real Nina Dioz


In collaboration with

Inmujeres D.F.

Thanks to

Ali Stone
Milka Duno
Power Paola
Mare Advertencia
Itzel Najera
Jackie Nava
Cinthya Blackcat
Niña Dioz
Rafael Encinas (Inmujeres)
Lorena Wolffer